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Registrant Alert Lookup: Keep an eye out for every move a specific domain owner makes

From any registrant’s specific details found in WHOIS records, such as a name, an email address, a phone number, and other details, gather a list of all registered or dropped domains in the past seven days.

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What Is a Registrant Alert Lookup?

A registrant alert lookup can help you check if a registrant of interest has recently acquired or dropped a domain.

Tracking a registrant’s activities can support cybercriminal investigations and help monitor signs of new business activities (e.g., mergers and acquisitions (M&As), product launches, etc.).

Registrant Alert Lookup

Why Use Registrant Alert Lookup?

  • Comprehensive Results

    Get an instant picture of all of the domains added and dropped by a registrant in the past seven days. Results are gathered in real-time, supported by a comprehensive review of all newly registered and just expired domain names.

  • Easy to Use and Share

    Each registrant alert lookup report is easy to navigate and comes with a dedicated URL that you can share right away with your cybersecurity, marketing, or domain acquisition team members.

Practical usage

Improve Your Domain Monitoring and Filtering Efforts

Improve Your Domain Monitoring and Filtering Efforts

  • Are you tracking the moves of a person of interest, such as a potential member of an attack group? Registrant Alert Lookup can be of great use to you.
  • Building an attacker profile is doable with the help of registrant alert lookups that clue you into domain record changes associated with a specific individual or organization.

Protect Your Brand from Infringement and Abuse

  • Registrant Alert Lookup can let you search if your brand or trademarks are suffering abuse from adversaries. You can quickly collect updates on every domain registration-related move a potential infringer makes.
  • Keep an eye out for known cybersquatters by tracking their domain registration activities with registrant alert lookups.
Protect Your Brand from Infringement and Abuse
Enhance Your Marketing and Portfolio Expansion Strategies

Enhance Your Marketing and Portfolio Expansion Strategies

  • Want to know what your biggest competitors are up to? Check their domain ownership changes for clues on new product or service launches and discontinuances.
  • Due diligence is critical when deciding to expand or contract a business. Stay abreast of market and industry developments by tracking your peers’ domain registrations via Registrant Alert Lookup.
Registrant Alert Lookup | WhoisXML API

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